"I am convinced that any concert presenter in the world has to answer cultural desires of the audience he works for and I fully accept that there is an extreme diverse expectation so that our programming has to be automatically as diverse as the expectation is, as long as the house is technically able to fulfill this expectation“. (Matthias Naske at the AEAA Guest Talk, Wiener Konzerthaus, 22.04.23).


A highlight of our General Assembly in Vienna was a guest talk of great interest with Matthias Naske, Intendant of the Wiener Konzerthaus since 2013. Among the many information Matthias shared with us in an optimistic mood, he mentioned that since he has been running the Wiener Konzerthaus, his team has been able to enlarge the amount of concerts from 400 to 600 a season. An impressive achievement which allows this great institution (inaugurated in 1913) to increase and diversify its audience and to more than ever stick to its original purpose: being a house for all.


Thank you very much, dear Matthias, for accepting our invitation and, once again, thank you very much to you and your great team for generously hosting our General Assembly in the perfectly adapted, quiet and inspiring Wotruba Saal. A special thank to Marlene Fischer who took care of us throughout these two days with the greatest attention and kindness, making sure that we feel at home here and don’t lack anything. We definitely felt at home at the Wiener Konzerthaus and didn’t lack anything!