On day one of our General Assembly in Bologna, we were delighted to be able to present a guest talk with two brilliant music managers : Alessandra Scardovi and Maddalena da Lisca.
Alessandra Scardovi joined Musica Insieme in 1987 and has been its President since 2013. Established as a foundation in 2002, Fondazione Musica Insieme has improved to one of the major, most versatile and most successful producers of chamber music concerts in Italy.
Among Musica Insieme’s many projects are series of concerts dedicated to residents of the metropolitan Area (including a free transport service to the concert hall!), to students of secondary schools and universities, and to contemporary music with 'MICO' and 'Bologna Modern'. Among the innovative initiatives carried out with a particular focus on promoting young people, let’s mention "Che musica, ragazzi!", free meetings in which guest artists, in addition to the programme they are performing, tell their stories to very young primary and secondary school students. Last but not least, Musica Insieme created in 2023 a festival dedicated to a great composer born in Bologna, Ottorino Respighi.
Maddalena da Lisca has been Sovrintendente of the Bologna Festival since 2019. Founded in 1982, the Bologna Festival is actually made up of several festivals: "Grandi Interpreti", dedicated to the great classical-romantic repertoire and symphonic-choral masterpieces; "Talenti", a space open to the new promises of European concert music; "Il Nuovo l'Antico", which combines ancient music, always proposed in philological performances, with contemporary and 20th century music. The activities of the Bologna Festival are also aimed at younger audiences, with two specific projects involving an audience of around 12,000 youngsters each year: 'Baby BoFe', a classical music review for children, „Note sul registro“, a classical music listening training project for primary and secondary schools as well as a brand new series (starting in 2024) dedicated to students, „Classica in Sneakers“.
Alessandra Scardovi and Maddalena da Lisca are delighted to be able to say that there is a healthy competition between the two institutions, which regularly collaborate with each other, particularly when it comes to bringing the big names of the international music scene to Bologna.
And because we are a remarkable audience, Alessandra and Maddalena agreed to tell us the secret of their success: passion and work!
Grazie a entrambe per questo affascinante guest talk!
Photo: Alessandra Scardovi and Maddalena da Lisca at the General Assembly of the AEAA in Bologna on 6th April 2024 © AEAA