► General Assembly 2024

The next AEAA General Assembly will take place on April 6-7, 2024 in Bologna. Save the dates!

► Guest Talk - June 2023

"For me a concert with Musica Insieme is like having friends at home". (Fulvia de Colle at the AEAA Guest Talk on 16th June 2023)

After two exciting guest talks with Angelo Nicastro (artistic director of the Ravenna Music Festival) and Nicola Sani (artistic director of the Accademia Chigiana), we had the pleasure to continue our tour of Italy with Fulvia de Colle, artistic director of Musica Insieme, for our last Guest Talk of the season.

Created in 1987 in Bologna, the Fondazione Musica Insieme is one of Italy’s leading concert societies, focusing on chamber music and recitals with both young talents and some of the most renowned musicians. This year they also start a new festival dedicated to one of the greatest composers of the 20th century born in Bologna, Ottorino Respighi.

Thank you very much, dear Fulvia de Colle, for being our guest!

Photo: Fulvia de Colle © Luca Bolognese

► Guest Talk - April 2023

"I am convinced that any concert presenter in the world has to answer cultural desires of the audience he works for and I fully accept that there is an extreme diverse expectation so that our programming has to be automatically as diverse as the expectation is, as long as the house is technically able to fulfill this expectation“. (Matthias Naske at the AEAA Guest Talk, Wiener Konzerthaus, 22.04.23).

A highlight of our General Assembly in Vienna was a guest talk of great interest with Matthias Naske, Intendant of the Wiener Konzerthaus since 2013. Among the many information Matthias shared with us in an optimistic mood, he mentioned that since he has been running the Wiener Konzerthaus, his team has been able to enlarge the amount of concerts from 400 to 600 a season. An impressive achievement which allows this great institution (inaugurated in 1913) to increase and diversify its audience and to more than ever stick to its original purpose: being a house for all.

Thank you very much, dear Matthias, for accepting our invitation and, once again, thank you very much to you and your great team for generously hosting our General Assembly in the perfectly adapted, quiet and inspiring Wotruba Saal. A special thank to Marlene Fischer who took care of us throughout these two days with the greatest attention and kindness, making sure that we feel at home here and don’t lack anything. We definitely felt at home at the Wiener Konzerthaus and didn’t lack anything!

► AEAA General Assembly - April 2023, Vienna

AEAA Cocktail in the French Embassy in Vienna - April 22, 2023 © AEAA

On April 22nd & 23rd, 34 enthusiastic AEAA members coming from 10 different countries gathered in the Wiener Konzerthaus, for very creative, fruitful discussions and workshops, formal and informal meetings.

We are glad, proud and grateful that the French Ambassador in Vienna, Mr Gilles Pécout, was highly interested in getting to know the AEAA better and decided to open the doors of the magnificent French Embassy in Vienna for an unforgettable moment of music, conviviality and fraternity. Mr Pécout expressed his full solidarity with us, with our profession and with the world of classical music that all members of our Association defend so passionately. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur l’Ambassadeur, for your kindness, your curiosity, your open-mindedness, your generosity and your verve!

We also would like to thank the entire team of the French Institute in Vienna, starting with its director, Mr Philippe Sutter, its cultural attaché and head of communication, Mr Jean-François Roseau, as well as the director’s assistant, Mrs Claudia Cornez, for their great cooperation in the organization of this event.

We are no less glad, proud and grateful that we had a very special guest joining us at the French Embassy: Mrs Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Executive City Councillor for Cultural Affairs and Science in Vienna. Mrs Kaup-Hasler is a true music lover, a strong supporter of living art and musical institutions and we know that she did everything possible in order to enable our ecosystem (and the chain of solidarity: musical institutions-artists-agents) to survive during the pandemic. Mrs Kaup-Hasler expressed her full solidarity with our profession not only today but also in the future, insisting how essential we are in order to make music happen.

The reception generously offered by the French Embassy in Austria to the AEAA was also an opportunity for us to invite colleagues and friends from partner associations such as International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA), OMAI, Ariacs, Association Française des Agents Artistiques - AFAA, Deutschsprachige Opern- und Konzertagenturen (DOKA) as well as concert and opera directors from all over Austria, a great opportunity to remind that we are in the same boat, fighting for the same cause and that it is therefore more than ever a necessity to be in solidarity with each other and to work together, hand in hand.

Last but not least, we would like to warmly thank the amazing Auner Quartett who accepted to perform for us at the French Embassy. We thought it essential to be able to offer a musical moment on this occasion since music and musicians are the essence of our professional commitment. And the Auner Quartett played amazingly well, for the greatest joy of everyone attending.

Thank you everyone for joining us!

► The AEAA has a new Logo!

A strong symbolic step in the life of our association, we are pleased to present our new logo!

The AEAA (originally "Association Européenne des Agents Artistiques"), a European network for classical music since 1947!

Designer: Valentine Franssen

► Guest Talk - February 2023

"When you offer quality, people understand“. (Angelo Nicastro at the AEAA Guest Talk on 14th February 2023).

Thank you very much, Angelo Nicastro, for being our guest! It was highly interesting to hear you talk about your experience as artistic director of such a major festival as the Ravenna Music Festival, about the benefits of interdisciplinarity, about reaching a young audience and, last but not least, about sharing our humanist values through music.

More info about the Ravenna Music Festival on www.ravennafestival.org/en/

Foto: Angelo Nicastro © Ravenna Music Festival

► Get Together, Vienna - January 2023

AEAA Get-Together, in January 2023, at the superb Schwarze Kameel in Vienna. Thank you dear colleagues for joining our event! It was a very good time!

Photo (from left to right): Benno Schollum, Florian Petermann, Andreas Zadeyan, Helga Machreich-Unterzaucher, Peter Hosek, Eleanor Hope, Laurent Delage, Maria Gabriella Mafara, Esther Schollum, Alexander Brunner, Christian May, Till Dönch, Franz Tscherne, Clemens Anton Klug

► Guest Talk - December 2022

« Our mission is not only to talk to the theatres, to the concert promoters and to the artists in order to have better conditions, our mission is also to try to establish a quality standard within our branch and in our business ». (Stephan Reineke at the AEAA Guest Talk on 6th December 2022).

Many thanks, dear Stephan Reineke for letting us know more about DOKA, for sharing with us both your experience of the German music market and your expertise in law. It was also important and comforting to be able to exchange between colleagues who share the same values and the same ethics of our profession.

More information about DOKA on doka-art.com

► Guest Talk - November 2022

"Sometimes I have the impression that marketing has taken power over the content. I am convinced that it should be the other way round. First the content and then marketing should be a means to sell the contents, the concerts or the performances, to bring the product to the right audience. To my point, the role of the marketing is to bring content and audience together. Selling cannot be an argument to invite an artist or to do a production.“ (Heike Hoffmann at the AEAA Guest Talk on 7th November 2022).

Once again, it was an exciting Guest Talk last week with Heike Hoffmann, artistic director of the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele which celebrated this year its 70th Anniversary.

Heike Hoffmann, who has been a music manager for over 30 years, has previously been running the Musik-Biennale in Berlin (improving it to a major festival for contemporary music), has also been head of artistic planning and production of the Konzerthaus Berlin and Director of the Salzburg Biennale, among many other commitments to promote young artists, contemporary music and classical music in general.

Since Heike Hoffmann is originally from the former East Germany, a very moving moment of this Guest Talk was when she recalled her memories of the fall of the Berlin wall on 9th November 1989.

Many thanks Mrs Hoffmann for your time and for sharing with us your passion, your enthusiasm and your amazing professional experience!

Foto: Heike Hoffmann © Elmar Witt

► Guest Talk - October 2022

"There is no classical music audience any more, not a countable one, but there is an audience. We are regarded as an audience festival and I love the challenge to reach an audience which is not familiar to a music that is familiar to us. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and to show them the richness of music. Especially in that times, emotional education is so important".

(Christian Kuhnt at the AEAA Guest Talk on 6th October 2022).

It was a rich, exciting and stimulating Guest Talk last week with Christian Kuhnt, who has been Intendant of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival since 2013. Founded in 1986, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival has become one of the biggest area festivals in the world and can be proud of amazing achievement : over 200 concerts a year in over 120 venues, 70% of the audience coming from the region of Schleswig-Holstein, a festival’s friends organization including 8.000 members, a database including 100.000 qualified addresses, 99% of the tickets sold by the Festival’s own ticket service. A Festival on the move that continues to invent new concert formats, to gain audience and to grow!

Many thanks Mr. Kuhnt, not only for your time, but also for sharing with us your precious experience and your contagious enthousiasm! And congratutions on the renewal of your contract as Intendant of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival!

Next AEAA Guest Talk on 7th November with Mrs Heike Hoffmann, Artistic Director of the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele.

► General Assembly 2023

The next AEAA General Assembly will take place on April 22-23, 2023 in Vienna!

We are also happy to announce that Mark Stephan Buhl, former President of our Association living in Vienna, has accepted to be the chairman of our GA. Thank you Mark!

► AEAA Guest Talks - October & November

After our first guest talk in June with Christoph Lieben-Seutter, General and Artistic Director of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, we are glad to continue our focus on Germany’s musical life (before moving to the next country at the beginning of next year)!

Mrs Heike Hoffmann, Artistic Director of the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele
Thursday, 6th October 2022
16:00 - 17:30 CET

The Schwetzingen Festival is an early summer festival of opera and other classical music presented each year from May to early June. This major international festival, created in 1952 by the major radio broadcaster Süddeutscher Rundfunk, just celebrated its 70th Anniversary! We are delighted that a very experienced Artistic Director such as Heike Hoffmann has accepted our invitation!

Dr. Christian Kuhnt, Intendant of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
Monday, 7th November 2022
14:00 - 15:30 CET

Since its inception in 1986, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF) has been among the most spectacular international cultural events in the world. Instead of renowned concerts taking place in the usual concert halls and opera houses, they are set in beautiful castles and manors, in barns and stalls, in the most spectacular churches of the Schleswig-Holstein Region and even in unusual locations such as shipyards and industrial halls. We are delighted that the Intendant in person, Dr. Christian Kuhnt, has accepted our invitation!

► AEAA Board Statement

Photo: new AEAA Board at the General Assembly in Brussels on 7 May 2022 (from left to right: Laurent Delage, Catherine von Mutius, Giovanna Losco, Réda Sidi-Boumedine, Zdenka Kachlova, Jonas Grunau).

This year’s General Assembly on 6 & 7 May in Brussels - the first time face-to-face since 2019 - was not only the occasion to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of our beloved European Association, but also to elect a new Board.

Here the names of the newly elected board members:

Réda Sidi-Boumedine, President

Giovanna Losco, Vice President

Laurent Delage*, General Secretary

Zdenka Kachlova, Treasurer

Catherine von Mutius*, Incumbent

Jonas Grunau*, Incumbent

*New member of the Board

In order to assist the Board in its everyday tasks, we are delighted that Ada Baillon has accepted our invitation to continue as Executive Secretary. We also thank the three outgoing Board members Vladimir Dedyukhin, Andreas Kirchner and Pawel Orski for all their work during their mandates.

On behalf of the AEAA, the Board would also like to thank the Théâtre de la Monnaie and its director, Peter de Caluwe, for hosting this General Assembly in excellent conditions and for his relevant and inspiring contribution to our members.

The new Board will dedicatedly stand up for the interests of our profession and of the artists we are proud to manage, for coordinating and developing our network with members, partner associations, classical music presenters (concert, opera) as well as political authorities

The task is great and highly challenging in these still persistently very difficult times. Nonetheless, we can regard it as an opportunity to look for new sources of hope, for instance in accommodating true human relationships through our Association. More than ever we need to be determined, united and coordinated. This is the spirit of the AEAA, this is the spirit of its Board.

► AEAA’s statement on war in Ukraine

All members of our AEAA are deeply shocked by what has been happening in Ukraine over the past week. War may be back in Europe but we are more united than ever and wish to extend our sympathy and our full solidarity with the Ukrainian people affected by this terrifying situation. At the same time, we do not forget the Russian people who are also mortified, suffer from sanctions and who share with us the vision that all our relations must be based on peace, brotherhood, mutual respect and freedom. The AEAA is a European association, born after the Second World War in 1947 to build a strong network of artist managers based on a Europe united by culture and camaraderie. Let us stand together, and without hatred, so that we may express again our art without the deafening, dreadful and disastrous cry of war in Ukraine, and work for a lasting peace.

► AEAA GA 2022 - Brussels

The last General Assembly of the AEAA took place on May 6 and 7, 2022 in Brussels. It was the 75th anniversary of the AEAA.