Membership of the AEAA is also unconditionally linked to Classical Music Artists (CMA) – a joint project founded by the AEAA and IAMA. This is the most comprehensive website directory of WHOM REPRESENTS WHOM which allows members to not only list themselves and links to their company websites but also list their artists. Costs for these listings are depending on how many artists are listed per agency.

Another benefit of being an AEAA member is having a National Representative in most European countries where at least one artist manager is member of the AEAA. Those National Representatives are able to help with all questions which can appear regarding concerts.

National Representatives

Austria Mark Stephan Buhl
Belgium Luc van Loocke
Czech Republic Zdenka Kachlova
Denmark Jonas Fosdal
France Réda Sidi-Boumedine
Germany Egbert Zinner
Hungary Ildikó Gedényi
Italy Patrizia Garrasi
Netherlands Marjon Koenekoop
Poland Pawel Orski
Romania Mihai Constantinescu
Russia Vladimir Dedyukhin
Spain n.a.
Sweden Thomas Boltenstern
Switzerland Ettore Volontieri
United Kingdom Peter Puskás

Application for Membership

Various membership types for the AEAA are being offered (Full, Associate, Junior, Start-up) – please contact us (info[at] for more information.

A written application for membership should be addressed to the office of the President and must be supported by at least four members of the AEAA, two of which are from the same country as the applicant, if available.

The president will inform the members of the application for membership. If no objections by the members are raised within 30 days, the Board will vote on the application.

In case of objections, the admission will be postponed to the next General Assembly, whereby the members will vote by a two-thirds majority to admit the applicant.

Costs | AEAA and CMA

  • CMA

  • All types of membership of the AEAA are unconditionally linked to Classical Music Artists (CMA). CMA base levy fee to list up to 20 artists is 68,00£ per year in addition to the applicable membership fees.

  • Full member

  • The contribution for a full AEAA membership is 480,00€ per year. Every full member may have one associate member. Associate members do neither pay membership contribution nor CMA fee.

  • Junior member

  • You can apply for a junior membership if you are under 30 years old and active in the music industry for less than 3 years. The membership contribution is 200,00€ per year. The junior membership will be valid between 1 and 3 years depending on the age of the agency.

  • Start-up member

  • You can apply for a start-up membership if your agency has been newly established for no more than 24 months. The membership contribution is 280,00€ per year. The start-up membership will be valid between 1 and 3 years depending on the age of the agency.


► The next General Assembly will take place in Moscow in 2019.

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