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The Association Européenne des Agents Artistiques (AEAA) was founded by a group of artist managers, concert agents and impresarios from six European countries in December 1947. Originally called “Association Européene des Directeurs des Bureaux de Concerts et Spectacles” it was co-founded in Paris by a group of colleagues and friends: Charles Kiesgen, Maurice Dandelot, Marcel de Valmalete in France, Harold Holt of Great Britain, Johan Beek and Dr. de Koos from Holland, Clara Camus and Ada Finzi from Italy, Rudolf Goette and Dr. Winderstein from Germany and Imre Kun in Hungary. Within a short period of time other European agents joined the Association. Their aims were to maintain exchanges and cultivate positive relations with one another, while defending a profession in which many artists found themselves often in all too precarious situations. Thus in many ways, a vision and practice of a united Europe ahead of its time.

Today with close to 70 members in 17 countries our association continues to grow. Its professionalism, enthusiasm and friendly atmosphere remains intact and true to the spirit of its founding fathers.

The first President was Harold Holt, followed by Wilfrid van Wyck, Helmer Enwall, Maurice Dandelot, Michael Reiner, Gaston Ariën, Hans Schlote, Herbert Droz, Klaus Menzel, Marie-Anne de Valmalete, Patrizia Garassi, Hans Ulrich Schmid, Pieter G. Alferink, Patrick Garvey, Herve Corre de Valmalete, Benedikt Weingartner, Andrea Hampl and Mark Stephan Buhl.

Current Board Members

Mark Stephan Buhl President mailto:msbuhl (at) aeaa.info
Eleanor Hope Vice President mailto:eleanorhope (at) interclassica.com
Andreas Kirchner General Secretary mailto:akirchner (at) aeaa.info
Zdenka Kachlova Treasurer mailto:zdenka.kachlova (at) cema-music.com
Pawel Orski Incumbent mailto:porski (at) aeaa.info
Réda Sidi-Boumedine Incumbent mailto:rsidiboumedine (at) aeaa.info
Anna Barbara Zimmermann Executive Secretary mailto:abzimmermann (at) aeaa.info


"Who represents whom?" is the question CMA aims to anwser by providing a most comprehensive website directory of artist and their managers: www.classicalmusicartists.com. This website is regularly updated. Please visit it in order to find information about artists and their representations.

CMA is a joint project between AEAA and IAMA (International Artists Managers Association). The AEAA membership is partnered with a CMA membership.


► Our next General Assembly will take place in Moscow from 25 to 29 June 2019. It will be a unique, incomparable and unforgettable experience, which has also attracted great press interest. You'll have the opportunity to see Moscow from a side which few others can experience (such as a tour through Kremlin and a visit to the new concert hall) and to meet a number of the main presenters and music institutions of Russia. And most important: we will have fantastic food and many cocktails! Don't miss it!

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